Sygina: A song of Manufacturing & Cloud

21 May Written by - Priya Ranjan Mohanty Tagged as - Blog

Indian Manufacturing companies face a unique challenge of achieving the highest operational efficiency. As the cost of raw materials rises, manufacturing companies are struggling to keep up with the profitability. It is imperative to have the right technology in place that will automate tasks which are redundant and simultaneously enable the decision makers to track & measure the key parameters involved. The task is easier said than done. The typical story is represented below:

One day the decision makers of the manufacturing firm realize the necessity of new technologies like Data Analytics, IOT & Cloud. They reach out to a large multinational IT firm, the deal gets signed and the project is kickstarted. However, when the real work begins, the IT people and the manufacturing people are not on the same page. The software developers make a solution according to their understanding. When the manufacturing company’s decision makers find that the solution is not as per their requirement they are disappointed. The project is a complete failure.

In a manufacturing setup, it is very difficult to implement an IT solution because of two reasons, one - the IT people do not understand manufacturing, two - the manufacturing people do not understand IT. There are several other reasons why manufacturers fail to implement the new technology (especially related to IT) to their existing setup. The prime reason of failure starts from the planning stage itself. The team which prepares the (RFP)Request for Proposal from the manufacturer’s side is not aware of all the latest trends in technology. While selecting the IT vendor they do not look at the capability of a vendor, they simply consider 3 factors, 1. Price, 2. The reputation of the vendor & 3. If they have done similar projects earlier. Although we must consider above-mentioned aspects, the manufacturer must understand the technological aspect to the core, demonstrate it to the vendor, and evaluating their capability on the particular technology.

Sygina Data Systems was conceptualized to solve the very same issue that today’s manufacturers and engineering firms are facing. Sygina is a new age IT firm that takes the exact opposite approach that typical IT companies follow. Based out of Mumbai and Banglore, Sygina was founded by veterans of the manufacturing with a vision to bring new-age information technology to Indian manufacturers. At the core of this company are people who understand both Manufacturing and Information Technology.

Sygina primarily offers an approach to solving operational issues where technology is built according to the existing processes in place. This is a contrast to the approach taken by typical IT companies, i.e. building/reshaping processes according to the new technology. People at Sygina believe that have a belief system that says, ‘The purpose of technology shouldn’t be to replace humans, it should be to enhance their efforts to bring better results.’

Azhar, Managing Director of Sygina says, “When it comes to mid-sized manufacturers in India, they simply do not have the budget to hire a big IT company to solve their day to day operational issues. They either find a sub-standard vendor to implement new technology or they simply choose the status-quo. In either case, they are going to lose out in the long run.”

Sygina provides affordable solutions for mid-sized manufacturers who cannot think of hiring an IT firm to implement new technologies. The portfolio of services include a few major items like Internet-of-Things, Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Open Source Platforms, PaaS, etc.

Established in Jan 2016, the company witnessed a rapid growth in just 3 years with a 156% YoY growth rate. It has established a global client base of more than 1000 enterprises over 21 countries and a partner base of 30 companies in a very short span of time. The company has also filed 23 patents so far which is an incredible achievement. Among the few Indian clients are BCCL(Times Group) and Manipal Group. The current product portfolio of Sygina includes products like MIS tools for manufacturing setups, Managed File Transfer for large enterprises, Hospital Management Systems, etc. Sygina takes pride in it’s Paas solution named as Mindloose which is a unique platform for cloud development and far superior to its contemporaries.

Sygina is passionate about making cloud driven applications accessible to everyone. It's platform is leveraged by more than 1200 small & large corporations to provide seamless services to their customers.

Our solutions are used by industry leaders in Media & Healthcare. We are focused towards making Cloud- computing affordable to companies of any size.



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