Busniess Challenges for a Newspaper company
Busniess Challenges for a Newspaper Company
July 21, 2019

Newspaper printing business is being considered as a mature business today. Most of the popular newspaper publishers are in a phase of transformation. The rise of digital media is posing questions on the sustainability of the newspaper printing business. The time is not far when the printed newspaper will become just a luxury or choice of a very few.

Why are newspaper companies going out of business
Why Newspapers are going out of Business
July 24, 2019

Newspapers are going out of business. And, you already know it. It is not an easy thing to accept for the stakeholders of newspaper publishers. And in countries like India, there are people who think the newspaper industry will grow in the future. Please come out of delusion. Newspaper is dying. It’s not your fault. It is just new replacing old.

Sygina: A song of Manufacturing & Cloud
Sygina: A song of Manufacturing & Cloud
May 21, 2019

Indian Manufacturing companies face a unique challenge of achieving the highest operational efficiency. As the cost of raw materials rises, manufacturing companies are struggling to keep up with the profitability. It is imperative to have the right technology in place that will automate tasks which are redundant and simultaneously enable

The Dilemma of a Typical Mid-sized manufacturer
Dilemma of a Typical Mid-sized Manufacturer
May 23, 2019

The industrial revolution which started in the 1820s gave birth to an industry called Manufacturing. Since then it has come a long way and what we witness today is so full of possibilities. Trends like Automation, Smart Machinery, IoT are transforming the industry like never before. In short, you can say the fourth industrial revolution is here. However, this also poses a dilemma for the

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